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ClickGift is a story of passion, passion for the unique and the different, for the creative and the unusual, passion to explore the world and its ideas and trends, and then to bring all these unique ideas together into one place in order to make people’s lives easier and put a smile on their faces.

After passion comes action. From a concept to a reality, from a product to a service, from the abstract to the concrete, ClickGift is born in 2019. A grand vision, a desire for the unique and the authentic, a boundless drive for success and a substantial dose of creativity: a great recipe for success.

We like to call ourselves “Home”, not only to marvelous gifts, but to also both our partners and clients, it’s where they meet and exchange ideas and unforgettable experiences, where we make sure that they meet again and are always be happy to do so.

Our VISION: Our Vision is to simply become “The Home” to unique gifting experiences in the region by offering online products, services and experiences that match people’s’ needs for originality, fun, authenticity and convenience, delivered to their doorsteps, all with a personal touch like nowhere else.

Our Knowledge: acquired from traveling all over the world looking for products and trends, local arts and crafts, attending trade shows across several cities and researching tons of products online

Our Talent: for sourcing unique, stylish, fun and distinctive products that offer people a solution to their gifting problems within the constraints of their busy schedules

Our Experience: over 25 years of experience through opening around 35 concept different concepts and stores in many different cities and working in numerous retail and lifestyle experiences

Our Passion: making ClickGift not about the money but about adding happiness and joy to everyday life with personalized add-on items added to fantastic products: small details that make a world of difference in triggering positive emotions such as a lovely wrapping, a gift card, a chocolate, a flower, a gift box, a ribbon, a candy…making the gifting experience unparalleled and more fulfilling.

Our Team: an amazingly creative, determined, dedicated, highly motivated, focused and experienced team, some members of which were lucky to work successfully together in the past and were thrilled and excited to work together again within ClickGift

Our Care & Values: So, What Do We Really Care About at ClickGift?

Our Clients: We care about our clients, so we provide them with a vast range of online products, services and experiences to offer a solution to their gifting dilemmas and time constraints. Original and distinctive gift products, cakes & decorations for events, gift registries, travel destinations, adventurous experiences, wild discoveries…

Creativity has no limits when it comes to what gifts you can buy to make the people you love happy…and we care about giving you as many choices as possible, as well as a personal shopper to help you find what you want in the least possible time. All this delivered to their doorsteps in the least amount of time possible.

Our Partners: Our suppliers are considered our partners rather than a third party. We look for them, we get to know them, we encourage them, we market them and we sell for them…and they become family after all.

We also encourage Authenticity: we embrace local talents, arts and crafts, hand-made products and local ethnicity products. We strive to become a destination for this type of products by nurturing and supporting local talents and artists out there and encouraging them to join our family of products in order to complete our vision and reach to as many people, tastes and varieties as possible.

Our Employees: whom we consider as part our family. We cherish their talent, we encourage their creativity, we add value to their experience and most of all…we listen to their ideas. A happy employee makes a happier employer…that, for sure, we believe in!

Our Life on Earth: We support all that has to do with organic, cruelty-free, green mental focus, clean environment, mental health, meditation, fitness, supplements, diets, etc., whether by selling such products or by enrolling in a certain course or a program, in order to make the world a better place to live.

Our Mission

Our mission is to capitalize on our unique elements of vision, knowledge, talent, experience, passion, team and care to help people make their lives easier and happier through providing them with a large variety of online gifts including unique products, services and experiences, while adding value to their shopping experience through personalization and variety, all in an environment that fosters innovation, authenticity, dedication, teamwork and social responsibility.

Our Dream:

To become the region’s favorite “Home of Marvelous Gifts”, and then later, well…the sky is the limit!

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